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Ms. Samita Jeter


Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Lowndes County Public Schools and thank you for visiting our website.  On behalf of school board members, central office administrators, faculty, staff and students of our school system, I bring greetings and encourage you to learn more about the many incredible programs and services we offer to our students.

Our newly redesigned website is intended to be a quick and easy guide for you to learn about our school system.  Along with stories about the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff, you will find information about all aspects of our school system.  This website is also the gateway to explore the websites of our seven schools and other resources such as the Alabama State Department of Education.  I hope you get to know us through this website and even better by visiting our schools.

The Lowndes County Public Schools has a motto of “Creating Fierce Competitors on the Economic World Stage”.  What does that mean?  It means that we work very hard with our students, families, and stakeholders so that every aspect of education is pursuing excellence.  We strive to create a family-like environment while focusing on providing the best possible service to all our constituents.

That is our commitment to our students, to you as parents and community members, and to each other as educational professionals.  As we begin each day throughout the school year, we truly look forward to doing our very best to not only bring out the best in each student academically, but to be the best people who truly make a difference in the lives of children.  Thank you for giving us that awesome opportunity. 



Samita Jeter