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Technology Initiatives

Technology can be a tremendous tool for assisting teachers to make instruction effective, challenging, and engaging for every one of our students, and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our operational processes. 

Welcome to Technology Initiatives!

To accomplish the tasks, we must often seek new ways to utilize existing technologies or research resources not already in place!  We strive to ensure that our technology investments are intentional and driven by curricular or operational needs.

Lowndes County Public Schools is a technology-filled school district. Each of our eight schools maintains a wireless and wired LAN and are connected via a one Gbps WAN.  Our teachers utilize their interactive pc module panels, document cameras, dedicated laptops, and Chromebooks daily to provide an effective education for every one of our students.  

Students work collaboratively and individually using Chromebooks, iPads and/or laptops for all grade levels K-12.  Students in grades K-12 use Chromebooks with a 1:1 ratio to engage in real-world experiences and solve problems in our rigorous learning environment.

We support the following online learning environments:  Google Classroom and Schoology.

Thus, we take the online safety and privacy of our students and staff very seriously.  Our Data Governance policy outlines privacy and security measures, whereas our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs how users interact with the district's technology resources.  All G-Suite, Chromebook, and active directory student accounts are monitored by Go-Guardian and Internet access is filtered by iBoss.  

Consequently, a new technology has emerged, Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has impacted the educational world in which we are attempting to determine how teachers can use it in the classroom with their students and the affect that it might have on students utilizing the skills needed in today's society and the future.

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