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Student/Parent Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a unified, system-wide set of rules and regulations that will ensure a safe, friendly, businesslike surrounding where students and school personnel work cooperatively toward mutually accepted and recognized goals.

Therefore, it shall be the policy of the Lowndes County Board of Education to require principals, faculties, staffs, students, parents, and guardians involved in education in this county to comply with the Board adopted rules and regulations set forth in this Student Handbook for Lowndes County Public Schools.

Student Handbook Forms 

Handbook receipt
Demographic Information Form
Compulsory School Attendance Laws
Student Photo Release Form
Home Language Survey (Elementary School Form)
Home Language Survey (Secondary School Form)
Parent Survey for Newly Enrolled Students
Parent Survey for Newly Enrolled Students (Spanish Version)
Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Parents Right-To-Know; Request Teacher Qualification
Health Assessment Record
Diet Prescription for Meals at School
Medication Self-Administration Documentation
School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization
Parental Involvement Evaluation
Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form



Student Online Data

AL report card

Scholastic Calendar

The scholastic calendar is a schedule of all of the events that occur in an academic year adopted by the Lowndes  County Board of Education. These events may include the start of the academic schoolyear,  examination dates, spring break, holidays, etc. and the last day of the school year.  Click on here to see the 2023-2024 Adopted Scholastic Calendar.

Student Transportation




Parent Portal