Biology Honors


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Biology Honors


Teacher: Ms. Simms


Planning Period:__________________


TEXT: Nowicki, Stephen. Biology Alabama. 1st ed. N.p.: Houghton Mifflin School, 2017. Print. 

Text Website:

Online Textbook Username: cstudent Online Textbook Password: calhoun15

Remind: Text the message 2nd Period: @g286ge  7th Period:@6hf2ah to the number 81010

Google Classroom Codes: 2nd Period: luwdvdo 7th Period: sev33ke

Google Classroom: Username:  Password: last name and your lunch# __________________________

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Course Description

Biology is a required, inquiry-based course focused on providing all high school students with foundational life science content about the patterns, processes, and interactions among living organisms.  Students in honor courses will receive “one-half (1/2) points higher than the regular grade.  Term grades are to be weighted using the following:  A is to be weighted as 4.5 points; B is to be weighted as 3.5 points; C is to be weighted as 2.5 points; D is to be weighted as 1.5 points…” (Student Handbook, 2023).  This course is needed for the science portion of the ACT.


 Supplies Needed 

*** All supplies are needed by Monday, Aug. 14, 2023.    Required***


The following items are needed in order to be successful and healthy in my class and will need to be replenished throughout the year.

1.    Composition notebook (to keep Assignments and Labs)

2.    1   inch 3-ring binder (to keep Bell Ringers, Vocabulary, Notes, Projects, and Homework Log)

3.    Notebook paper (needed throughout the year)

4.    Dividers (5)

5    Colored Pencils (You will need them throughout the year)

6.    Pencils and/or Pens (Blue or Black Only)

7.    1-Highlighter



Weighted Grading Structure

Required Tasks

Percentage of Grade

Daily Assignments (Homework, Classwork, and Quizzes)


Tests Assignments (Test/Exam, Labs, and Projects)


Note: Some items may count more than one time for any assignment. 


Grading Procedures

Per Lowndes County Public Schools, a minimum of three (2) daily grades per week will be entered in the grade.  A minimum of five (5) test grades will be entered per nine weeks. 

Assessment Strategies

1.    Selected Responses: Multiple Choice and Matching

2.    Constructed Response: Fill-in-the-blank, Essay, Short Answer, Diagram, Concept Map,  Graph, Table, and Illustration

3.    Performance Assessments: Presentations, Science Lab/Lab Reports, Projects, Debates, Models

4.    Formative Assessments: Bell Ringers, Exit Slips, Oral questioning, Observations, Interviews, Peer Evaluations                               


Extra Credit PointsExtra Credit Points

Extra credit points will be given to students periodically. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with the points that they are given. Points are to be kept in your Notebook/Binder. Extra points can only be used on low daily or test scores if students have completed all of the assigned work. Extra points will not be added onto the final grade.


It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for make-up tests, and find out what assignments are missing, and when they are due. Please, make sure that the original and make-up for the missed assignment are on your paper before it is turned in. According to the Student Handbook,” Students in grades 9-12 who miss more than five school days per term will be given a grade of FA…”(Student Handbook, 2023).


Make-up Work

If a student is absent for any excused reason as defined in the Student Handbook, “the student shall be allowed to make-up school work missed during those absences. The student will be responsible for contacting the teacher(s) within three (3) days to arrange a time make up work and/or examinations from said absence(s).  This opportunity does not require that the teacher re-teach the lesson, but it does require that the student receive a reasonable opportunity to learn missed lessons. The teacher is not obligated to provide makeup work or examinations for a student absent for unexcused reasons other than suspensions” (Student Handbook, 2023).  Students must schedule an appointment to make up missed assignments, tests, and/or quizzes from the teacher. 

Office Hours

Students must schedule an appointment a day in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS!  The following chart tells you what days I am available. 







Available during Tiger Time 

Available after school

(In person and must have a ride)

3:30 to 4:30 only

Available during Tiger Time 


Note: There will not be any office hours during the week of Finals.


Google Classroom and Remind (Mandatory)

Students will be required to participate and actively interact with the teacher and students via the Internet following the rules set by Lowndes Board of Education.  Students are required to receive and/or send assignments, handouts, study guides, quizzes, and tests to/from the teacher via Google Classroom and/or Remind.  All Study Guides will be made available via Google Classroom only.  The teacher will not print them out unless the student has an Individualized Education Plan (see Resource Teacher).


Redo/Retake Assignments

Students may redo/retake any test or assignment that they have failed. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appointment with the teacher one day in advance to retake the failed assignment. Redo Assignments will follow the following grading criteria: 100% - 90% = 70, 89% - 80% =67, 

79%-70%= 64, 69% - 60% = 61, 59% and below=Actual Grade. Late assignments will have 25%  deducted, no exceptions.  Most work will be due at 8:00 am, no exceptions.


Reading and Writing in Science

Reading and Writing and a requirement in all classes.  Students are required to read and/or chunk selected material to gain an understanding of the information that is being taught to them.  Correct grammar (punctuation, spelling, and capitalization) are required on all assignments.  Standard English is used in my class; therefore, texting language and any informal speech, writing, and communication will not be accepted.




All students will have access to the textbook via Google Classroom.  Students can access the textbook with their cellphones/chromebooks at home. The website for the textbook is located on the front page of the syllabus.


Projects/Labs/Notebook Portfolio

You will have several projects (including Science Fair project) and labs to complete within this class. Each project or lab will count as two grades.

ou will turn in your Notebook/Binder at the end of the school year.

Bathroom/Restroom Privileges:

Students are expected to go to the Bathroom/Restroom prior to class. If there is a medical need to go to the bathroom/restroom, then the student is required to bring in documentation from a doctor and a note signed by a parent/guardian within one week from the start of school or when the student first attends class.


Passes Out of Class

Students are expected to be in class the entire time. Students will not be allowed to leave the class during instructional time. The student is responsible for whatever is missed during this time. 


Classroom rules and procedures

Classroom rules and procedures are expected to be followed by all students. Make sure your behavior does not stop others from learning or the teacher from teaching the class. You determine and are responsible for what you take from this class. Teaching is my right, just as learning is yours; and teaching is my privilege, just as learning is yours.


Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resourceful

Respect all adults, Respect others’ opinions, Respect Others’ Property

Do your own work, Turn in your own work, and Don’t Make Excuses

Utilize Online Textbook, Remind, Google Classroom, Study Guides, and Tutoring.

***Keep in Notebook at all times.***