Adv. BTA

Calhoun High School


Course Syllabus

Course Title: Advance Business Technology Applications

Instructor: Ms. B. Davis


Contact Information:

                                                                                                 School phone: (334) 227-4515

Planning time: 1st Block


Course Resources:

All students are required to purchase the following 


  • Textbook (Provided)
  • Three-Ring Binder w/ Loose Leaf Paper
  • Writing Utensils (Pencils and Black or Blue Ink Pens)
  • Tab Dividers
  • Storage Device (Jump, Flash, or Thumb Drives)


Business/Marketing Education Program: Business/Marketing Education provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for economic success in the twenty-first century. This dynamic and challenging program prepares students for the accelerated changes taking place in the competitive business world. As students gain knowledge and professional experiences, they develop skills essential for success and build a strong foundation that enables them to become productive workers and citizens.


Course Description: Advance Business Technology Application (Prerequisite: Business Technology Applications or Career Preparedness) this course is a one-credit course that provides students with project-based applications of concepts learned in Business Technology Applications. A major emphasis is placed on guiding students through real world experiences in order to ease the school-to-career transition.

*Students are required to pass two of the four Microsoft Offices certification test.*


Prerequisites and Standards: (Prerequisite) Business Technology Applications or Career Preparedness. These courses are a prerequisite to other Business/Marketing Education courses offered at Lowndes County High School. For example:


  Multimedia Design or Management Principles


Absence Policy:  See Student Handbook


Tardiness Policy:

Anyone who is outside of my classroom after the tardy bell has sounded will be counted as tardy and asked to sign the tardy log which is placed on the table to the right as you enter the room.

Consequences for being tardy will be based upon the number of tardies by the student and proper procedures will be based upon the Lowndes County Schools Code of Student Conduct.


Make-up Policy: Work missed due to an excused absence may be made-up. Make-up work time will be given at the discretion of the instructor. Failure to make-up work within the given days from the instructor of an excused absence will result in a zero being assigned for the missed work.


Textbook Rules:

  • Textbooks are being used by other classes; therefore, DO NOT REMOVE TEXTBOOKS from this classroom.
  • If there are any damages to books, just like your desktop during your class period, report it immediately or you will be mandated to pay for all damages accrued. 
  • Do not write in or on your textbook


Professional Organization: All business students are also encouraged to join (FBLA), Future Business Leaders of America. FBLA is a student organization that helps enhance course instruction, develop leadership skills, and provide opportunities for professional growth and service.


Grading Scale

A=       100-90

B=       89-80

C=       79-70

D=       69-60

F=       59-Below



Evaluations will be based on the following:







Homework, Bell Ringers, All Non-Assessments,









Classroom Rules:

  1. Be in your seat and ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Tampering with software or hardware in any way will not be tolerated.
  3. Work areas must be cleaned before dismissal.
  4. Do not save work on computer, only on USB Flash Drive (unless instructed by teacher)
  5. Remain in your assigned seat at all times.
  6.  The Teacher will dismiss the class, not the bell.
  7. Allow the Teacher to Teach and the Students to Learn
  8. No Loud Talking or Bad Language
  9. No Food, Candy, Drinks or Cell Phones Allowed in the Computer Lab
  10. Raise your hand for recognition to speak or to leave your seat



  1. Verbal Warning/ Check in behavior log
  2. Check in behavior log
  3. Break Detention
  4. Call Home and / or letter home to parents
  5. Office Referral


Course Goals

Students will be able to:

  • Develop confidence in themselves and their work
  • Demonstrate correct keyboarding techniques with acceptable speed and accuracy.
  • Explain the purposes, functions, and common features of common types of software: word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software
  • Explain the meaning of common computer related terminology
  • Demonstrate proficiency in creating word processed documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills while working with computers and other multimedia equipment.
  • Utilize problem-solving skills in a workplace setting.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Assess the use of technology in different career fields.
  • Explain the impact of technological advancement on a variety of areas.
  • Assess computer tasks as they relate to business communications.
  • Recognize inappropriate electronic communication behavior.
  • Demonstrate correct data input techniques with acceptable speed and accuracy.
  • Analyze the functions of an operating system.






Classroom Procedures:


  • You should be in your seat when the bell rings.
  • Refer to the board for “bell work”. This could be in the form of an essential question, or some other type of assignment or business articles. Begin work immediately on the exercise on the board unless told otherwise. Any questions can wait until attendance has been posted for the day.
  • Books are not to be removed from this room unless permission has been given by the teacher.
  • Do not operate machines unless you have received instruction form the instructor on how to use it.
  • Do not move anything not belonging to you. This includes items belong to the teacher, as well as items belonging to students.
  • No students may be in the room unattended.
  • Students may not use the Internet without permission during class time unless it is for part of an assignment or has been given permission by teacher.
  • Students may not print from the Internet without permission.
  •  Keep book bags, pens, pencils, erasers, and other objects off the floor.
  •  Students may not modify any settings on the computer. This includes printer settings, screen savers, desktop wallpaper, and desktop icons.
  •  After using the machines, always make sure the machines are properly logged off and 6th period will turn the machines off.
  •  Place chairs under the desks after class and trash in the trash can.
  •  Workstations and tables should be kept clean. Any changes to these should be immediately reported to Ms. Davis
  •  Students should remain in their assigned work areas at all times.
  •  Bell Work and Note Books are due each Friday for a grade. If absent, it is your responsibility to get the work from the make-up folder. Missing questions and bell work will result in zero points being awarded.


Methods of Instruction:

Instruction will include lectures and hands-on document formatting applications and speed and accuracy drills and tests.

Course Outline:

  • Utilize advanced technology utilities
  • Analyze computer hardware to determine software compatibility
  • Diagnose problems related to technology systems
  • Utilize advanced features of word processing software
  • Utilize word processing software to demonstrate professional writing skills
  • Utilize spreadsheet features
  • Utilize advanced features of database software
  • Utilize advanced features of multimedia software
  • Utilize digital tools to deliver commerce and information technology curriculum
  • Critique Internet and digital information for validity, accuracy, bias, and current relevance
  • Create a product that integrates information from multiple software applications
  • Utilize research results to determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Practice safe, ethical, and legal use of technology systems and digital content
  • Analyze cultural, social, economic, environmental, and political effects and trends of
  • technology
  • Apply safe and healthy work standards in the workplace
  • Analyze the organizational structure of a business
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills gained through student organization activities
  • Demonstrate collaborative skills using curriculum-related content in digital environments
  • Create simulations using digital tools
  • Explain data encryption procedures
  • Utilize interactive models and digital sources to address real-world problems
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills gained through student organization activities to enhance
  • leadership and teamwork
  • Critique various ways to become financially literate


This syllabus is subject to be change by the teacher at anytime to fit the needs of the children.

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            Advance Business Technology Applications

Instructional Syllabus

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Each student has been provided with a copy of this syllabus. The syllabus should be signed by a parent/guardian, shown to the teacher for verification, and retained in the student’s notebook. By signing this syllabus, I am agreeing that I understand the requirements for this class.


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