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Truancy Policy


A parent, guardian, or other person having charge of any child officially enrolled in the school district (kindergarten-grade twelve) shall explain in writing the cause of any and every absence of the child not later than three (3) days following return to school.  A failure to furnish such explanation shall be evidence of the child being truant each day he is absent. The child shall also be deemed truant for any absence determined by the principal (based on the State Department of Education's current School Attendance Manual).  Seven unexcused absences within a school year constitute a student being truant for the purpose of filing a petition with the court. The Interagency Committee on Youth Truancy Task Force recommendations known as the Early Warning Truancy Prevention Program timeline for reporting truancy shall define the truancy status of any student as follows:

1. First Truancy/Unexcused Absence (Warning)

    The parent or guardian shall be notified by the school principal or his/her designee that the  

    student was truant and the date of the truancy.

2. No Earlier Than the Fifth Unexcused Absence (Conference)

    The parent or guardian shall (1) attend a conference with the attendance officer and principal or

     his/her designee and/or (2) participate in the early warning program provided by the school


3. No Earlier Than The Seventh Unexcused Absence But Within Ten (10) School Days


    A school system employee shall file a complaint/petition against the child and/or parent or

    guardian, if appropriate.

4. Child Under Probation

    The school attendance officer should be notified by the juvenile probation officer of all children in

     the school system under probation supervision by the juvenile court as consistent with state

     statue. Where a child under probation is truant, the school attendance officer should

     immediately notify the juvenile probation officer.

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