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Welcome to the Student Services area of our website. Student Services supports the following programs to assist students and parents:

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It shall be the policy of the Board that the School District shall provide, on a nondiscriminatory basis, educational opportunities for students. No person shall be denied the benefits of any education program or activity on the basisi or race, color, handicap, creed, national origin, age or sex.  All programs offered by schools within the School District shall be open to all students in compliance with statutory and judicial requirements.  


Student transportation is provided by the Board as a service to the students of the School District.  The Board reserves the right to deny a student or students the privilege of being transported at public expense provided the policies outlined above are not followed.

  1. DRIVER'S AUTHORITY:  Pupils on a school bus are the complete responsibility of the bus driver and under his/her direction. Pupils must be courteous and show respect for the driver, and obey the driver's instruction at all times.
  2. BUS STOP ASSIGNMENT:  Students may not get on or off the bus at any l ocation other than their regular designated stop unless a written note isprovided to the principal and driver.
  3. BUS DEPARTURE TIMES:  Students should be at the bus stops at least 5 minutes prior to bus arrival; buses must operate on a definite schedule and drivers will not wait for late arrivals.  Students are not to arrive at the stop more than 10 minutes prior to the departure time. (Continued late arrival to the bust stop will result in disciplinary action).
  4. BOARDING THE BUS:  As the bus approaches, pupils must form an orderly single-file line and stand no closer than ten feet.  Students shall not move toward the bus until it has come to a complete stop.  Pupils must enter the bus one at a time, with no pushing or shoving.
  5. SEAT ASSIGNMENT:  Pupils are to take the seat indicated by the driver.  They may not exhange seats without the driver's permission.
  6. PUPILS MUST REMAIN SEATED:  Pupils must sit upright, fact the front of the bus, keep feet out ot the aisle, and in no way obstruct aisles or bar progress of other pupils in or out of the bus.  Standing , waling or any movement of seats while the bus is in motion is prohibited.
  7. HANDS/BODY OUT OF WINDOWS:  Pupils may not extend hands, arms, head, or any part of the body out of the window o n a school bus.  Unauthorized exiting from emergency doors and windwos is prohibited.
  8. TAMPERING WITH BUS EQUIPMENT:  Tampering of any kind with bus doors emergency exits, radio or controls is prohibited.
  9. PUPILS MAY NOT SMOKE:  Smoking, or the use of tobacco products, or lighting of any material is prohibited.
  10. EXCESS NOISE/DISORDERLY CONDUCT:  Pupils are prohibited from creating disturbances, such as whistling, playing musical instruments, yelling or talking loudly, throwing articles, shooting rubber bands, scuffling, etc. Pupils shall quietly converse only with those pupils sitting in the same seat that they occupy.  Dsitractions or noiseinside the bus must be kept to a minimum so that the driver can hear or observe approaching emergency vehicles or horns or other impending hazards.
  11. PROFANE LANGUAGE/GESTURES:  Using profane language or obscene gestures is prohibited.
  12. LITTERING:  Littering or throwing objects of any kind is prohibited.
  13. FIGHTING:  Pupils may not intefere with others, nor destroy property of others.  Students may not intimidate or threaten anyone on the bus.  They must keep their handss to themselves: fighting, slapping, hitting, poking, shoving, pulling hair, etc., on the bus or at the bus stop is prohibited.
  14. EATING/DRINKING:  Drinking or eating, including gum and candy, is not allowed on school buses.
  15. PROHIBITED OBJECTS:  Items such as glass containers, large or dangerous objects are not allowed on the bus.  Transporting live animals, fish, reptiles, or insects, is not permitted on the school bus.
  16. DAMAGE TO SCHOOL BUS OR BUS STOP:  Student may not damage or vandalize the school bus or the bus stop.  Parent/guardian will be required to pay for damage done by their child to either the school bus or to property at school bus stop location.


COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE AGE  Image result for attendance
The Board shall enroll all students residing with the School District between the ages of 7 and 17 years, not otherwise receiving instruction in a private school, church school, or being taught by a private tutor.  An accurate record of attendance for each pupil shall be maintained by the classroom or homeroom teacher or other designated person.  This record shall be kept in the student data managment system, or through other officially approved documentation provided or approved by the State Department of Education.

Parents and guardians are responsible for enrolling their children in school and ensuring that the children attend school and obey behavior policies adopted by the Board.  Parents failing to enroll students and ensuring their attendance and proper behavior are subject to fines and imprisonments under state law.  State law requires that all student suspensions from school must be reported to the local district attorney.  The School District's attendance supervisor shall do said reporting.

A parent, guardian, or other person having charge of any child officially enrolled in the school district (K-12) shall explain in writing the cause of any and every absence of the child not later than three (3) days following return to school.  A failure to furnish such explanation shall be evidence of the child being truant each day he is absent.  The child shall also be deemed truant for any absence determined by the principal (based on the State Department of Education's current School Attendance Manual).  Seven unexcused absences within a school year constitute a student being truant for the purpose of filing a petition with the court.  The Interagency Committee on Youth Truancy Task Force recommendations known as the Early Warning Truancy Prevention Program timeline for reporting truancy shall define the truancy status of any student as follows:

  1. First truancy/unexcused absence (A warning will be issued)
    The parent or guardian shall be notified by the school principal or his/her designee that the students was truant and the date of the truancy.  The parent or guardian shall also be provided with a copy of Alabama's compulosry school attendance laws and advised of the penalties that can be applied an the procedures that shall be followed in the event that other unexcused absences occur.
  2. No earlier than the third unexcused absence ( A school conference will be scheduled)
    The parent or guardian shall attend a conferencw with the principal or his/her designee.  Attendance by the parent or guardian is strongly suggested; however, the meeting notice is considered ample communication for the need for corrective action on the part of the parent/guardian.
  3. No earlier than the fifth unexcused absence (A district conference will be scheduled)
    The parent or guardian shall:  (1) attend a conference with the attendance officer and principal or his/her designee and/or (2) participate in the early warning program provided by the juvenile court.  Attendance at one of these conference shall be mandatory.
  4. No earlier than the seventh unexcused absence, but within ten (10) school days (The truancy officer shall file a complaint/petition against the child and/or parent or guardian, if appropriate)
  5. Child under probation
    The school truancy officer should be notified by the juvenile probation officer of all children in the school system district under probation supervision by the juvenile court as consistent with state statue.  Where a child under probation is truant, the school truancy officer should immediately notify the juvenile probation officer.