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Lowndes County Public Schools system is being recommended for SACS Advanc-Ed District Accreditation
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Accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance developed more than 100 years ago by American Universities and Secondary Schools, and designed primarily to distinguish schools adhering to a set of educational standards.  The accreditation process is also know in terms of its ability to effectively drive student performance and continuous improvement in education.

Following a recent three-day examination from a SAC CASI Quality Assurance Review Team representing the accreditation association of AdvancED, the Lowndes County Public School system has been recommended to receive district accredited for the first time in the system’s history.  Following the team’s review of the system, the team commended the system for undertaking the accreditation process; its high level of professional development; the embedding of effective uses of data to support decisions and instruction; the system’s strategic emphasis on leadership training and skill exemplified in the board’s Board of Distinction status; the highly loyal and dedicated teaching force; the long-range strategic thinking and planning; and the strategic work aligned teaching process.

For Lowndes County, accreditation was both a rewarding enriching process for the district and all schools as well as a significant achievement pronouncing our institution’s quality of education. Bernard Mitchell, the Director of Federal Programs & Curriculum and the district lead in the accreditation process, stated “we are so proud to see and have others witness the untapped transformative power in our district as well as our desire to make continuous school improvement our distinct purpose.”

To hear the Chair, Dr. Olivia Hodges state, “[You all] are doing outstanding work. We recommend that you be accredited by AdvancED,” was powerful! She also went on to state that “We have found an educational system that has some practices in place that are truly astounding, regardless of obstacles. We’ve witnessed a system that is goals-oriented and once it gets what’s being expected at the district level into all schools, we will witness something special!”

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