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INOW Parent Portal
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Lowndes County Public Schools is excited to announce the opening of the INOW Parent Portal. This new online web site provides parents the opportunity to review their child’s information, such as, grades, attendance and discipline data. Each custodial parent is provided a user name and a default password which allows that parent access to their child(ren)s information with one login.


All questions should be directed to the school's principal, of which your child is currently enrolled, between the hours of 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM.


Now parents can access their child’s data from anywhere, anytime. Parent Portal is an integrated component of InformationNOW through which parents can view:


Attendance by period or minute and all check–ins and outs
Progress reports, report card grades, class averages, individual activities and unofficial transcripts
Student schedule by term
Homework assignments
Discipline reports
School calendar and announcements
Demographic information from the student’s record
RSS feeds/alerts
Each parent has only one login regardless of number of children enrolled in the district
Each parent or guardian can have his/her own unique log-in
Hyperlinks are available within portal
We know that you will enjoy using this tool and will use the information to assist us in helping your child succeed academically.


Websites for Parents and Students


www.kidscanlearn.com (links to homework help, games, recipes, contests, parent info and more)


www.billybear4kids.com (parent section, games, cards, stationary, holiday ideas)










www.tennis.org (Tennessee Aquarium)


www.outofservice.com (personality tests)


www.hahooligan.com (games and homework help)


www.crayola.com (fun, game activities, coloring sheets, etc.)


www.highlights.com (fun activities just like in the magazine)


www.nasa.gov (all kinds of info about space)


www.avl.lib.al.us/ (Alabama Virtual Library) you have to get card from the real library.


www.algebra.help (lessons and worksheets)


www.math.com (most all subjects, tutorials and worksheets)


www.zdnet.com (a little bit of everything)


www.marcopolo.com (infor on a variety of subjects, good parent section)


www.worldatlas.com (info about most countries, nations, states, cities, etc.)


www.maps.com (maps of just about everywhere, great games; get directional maps for your trip)


www.startribune.com/education/homework.shtml (help with homework)


www.homeworkspot.com (great help with homework)


www.bigchalk.com (resource for school research-look under the teachers section, too.)


www.edweb.sdsu.edu/webquest/matrix.html (activities for kids to do using the internet)


www.bibliomania.com (summaries of novels, character profiles, metaphor analysis, theme analysis, etc.)


www.classicnote.com (summaries of novels, etc.)


www.novelguide.com (summaries of novels, etc.)


www.alex.state.al.us/ (course of study)



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