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Superintendent's Message
Dr. Daniel Boyd
Dr. Daniel Boyd


I am excited and honored to serve the students and parents as the Superintendent of Lowndes County Public Schools.  I must also acknowledge the tremendous support provided by our school systems staff and students.  When we work as a unified team putting students first, in the pursuit of increasing knowledge and improving well-being, amazing things will happen.  

Realizing that it takes more than a school to create productive members of our society and that the home plays a vital role, it is crucial for members of our community to be a part of the public school family.  I encourage all parents to join their respective school PTSA organization and become active in the organization. It is through the collaborative efforts of stakeholders that trust is created and unity is achieved.    

Our Board has adopted an updated edition of the 20/20 Strategic Plan for Lowndes County Public Schools.  This plan provides guiding principles and a road map so our vision of educational excellence for all children can be achieved. We are excited about our previous achievements and look forward with great anticipation for the future of our school system. 

We believe that through a shared commitment and thoughtful planning based on data, coupled with a strong accountability system, we can build on a great educational system that will allow our children to be the best that they can be.  We look forward to working together with our community to continue to move our system forward.


Daniel Boyd, PhD

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