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About Our School

About Our School


 Rationale for the Name Change of Jackson-Steele Elementary

Jackson-Steele Elementary School is a rural elementary school serving grades Pre-K-5 located in the northern most community in Lowndes County, Alabama. This school was known as White Hall Elementary School until its name was changed to its present one in July 1999.


The rationale for changing the name of our school is:

1.      There were two citizens in this community, during the 1960’s, who showed courage and perseverance above the average black citizens of Lowndes County.

a.      Mrs. Rosa Hunter Steele provided a place for the marchers to rest during the Civil Rights march from Selma to Montgomery.

b.     Mr. Matthew Jackson, Sr. provided a house for SNCC workers and other Civil Rights workers to live in during the struggle. It was named “The Freedom House.”

A special thanks to Mr. Bob Mants, chairman of “Friends of the Historic Trail Committee,” for making the recommendation to Lowndes County Board of Education. They followed through on the recommendation, and the name change was approved.

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