Central High School Virtual Back to School Open House 2020

Welcome to the Lion's Den

The Central High School faculty is excited that you have decided to join us for our first ever Virtual Open House October 6-11.  Despite the challenges that these unprecedented times have presented, we are committed to using this innovative means of communication  to keep the parents of Central High School students and community stakeholders informed and engaged.  Please take a few minutes to view each of your child's teachers by clicking on the link corresponding with their names.  These links will be available for your to view until October 11, 2020.  On October 12, Lowndes County Public Schools will observe Parent Day.  On that day, you will be able to virtually visit each of your child's teachers by clicking on the Zoom meeting link posted for him or her.  These links will be made available on Monday, October 12.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy part 1 of our 2020 Back to School Virtual Open House.